Supplying Dragon Artist Credit

Using Dragon Artist Credit

Promptly I will absolutely be filling up photos of dragons basically everyday to a net website … each specific satisfaction. Each of these dragon photos are NOT to be used or utilized for commercial purposes without the artist permission on this site.

If is challenging to state if half the dragon images on the internet are copyrighted, I try to position the Artist name with all the released photos Also. For the images that have an Unknown artist, it is possible for people to leave a statement with the artist name if they comprehend it.

When my work is made use of by an individual else without supplying me credit score score, as an artist myself I actually feel scammed. By making use of task without submitting the connected artist, the person that is posting is swiping. I am trying to look after that problem with my site, to guarantee that people can situate pictures along with the artist.

This is merely my little effort to give credit rating to those that deserve it.
Check out to see my work so far.

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