sponsorship of Premier League Football Clubs in the UK

Back in April, BK8 made history by sponsoring a number of prominent Spanish football clubs. These included Real Madrid, Benfica Lisbon, FC Barcelona, Sevilla, Deportivo de la Leones and Celta Vigo. The agreement was made over the summer, and it comes as a complete surprise that the club has chosen to expand their partnership with an online betting company. The club say they expect this to be the beginning of expansion of BK8 into other high profile European leagues. It’s believed that BK8 have decided to launch a new internet-based betting platform that will compete directly against the likes of Ladbrokes, Ladpay and Betdaq, who all currently dominate the online betting sector. BK8’s CEO, Nick Cahn, has confirmed that the online betting industry “will definitely grow” in the near future, and that BK8 will make their service more accessible to more people.

It’s been reported that the first clubs to be sponsored by BK8 were Sporting Lisbon, who have also signed a deal with them. bk8 จ่ายจริงไหม Sporting Lisbon have signed a five-year contract with bk8, which represents a significant boost in the Portuguese giants’ exposure outside the country. Celta Vigo have also reportedly received a cheque from bk8, although it isn’t known whether this is a straight transfer of players or money paid into the club. Benfica Lisbon have reportedly received no money from bk8, and are yet to sign a deal. It looks like this deal may now be on the verge of becoming permanent.

As well as the British premiership sides, Spain has been joined in the premier league by two other top flight clubs – Levante and Real Madrid. Levante are managed by Sporting Lisbon’s Portuguese manager, Carlos Quevedo, and have previously signed deals with BK8, who have also made them one of their sponsors. Madrid have not yet officially signed anything, but are believed to be very interested in signing a deal with bk8, who are thought to be paying a considerable amount of money to the Spanish side to represent them in the premier league. Given the huge interest in bk8’s services and the relatively high price tag associated with their services, this could be a great financial move for both parties. Whether this deal goes through or not remains to be seen.

The other main European team to sign up to bk8 deals are Italian giants, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Both of these Italian top flight teams have released their new kits for the new season, and have also been linked with a new sponsorship deal with bk8. Similar to other top flight clubs, AC Milan are thought to be considering bk8’s sponsorship as a new season boost, given that their previous kit sponsors, Nike, have recently gone bankrupt. Although, Inter Milan are yet to make any announcements, having also signed deals with Kering and adio skatewear last year. This may be down to the fact that, having spent large sums on advertising before, they may now feel they can afford to do so without upsetting their main sponsors, Gaz de la Caja.

Some football fans have taken to social media promotions to promote the new season deals. One particular campaign has seen thousands of soccer fans tweeting about where they would be watching the matches, with the winner getting a gift voucher from bk8. Another option would be to use online social media promotions to encourage people to post #bbcredential on their blogs, which will allow people to see where they can watch for free. These social media promotions are not solely limited to the UK and other parts of Europe, but can be carried out all across the globe, providing the football fan with a greater choice of matches and bibs to show their support for.

So, it is clear that the bk8 sponsorship of the premier league football clubs in the UK has moved into high gear. However, it is important to remember that this is only the case until the end of next season. Therefore, there is still plenty of time for other companies to jump onto the bk8 bandwagon, either with their own online gambling casinos or their own online bingo and casino websites, so that the football betting industry in the UK receives even more sponsorship next season.