Moon168 Training Program

In addition to the scientific, technological and economic benefits of lunar exploration, it can produce spin-off technologies that will benefit both Earth and space. These include communications protocols and materials used to build habitats, and the development of energy generation systems that can provide both power and oxygen in orbit.

Among the challenges that must be addressed for such endeavors to succeed are overcoming the cultural, overview and re-entry shocks associated with long-term offworld missions. Moreover, the selection of candidates for a given mission should not only seek a variety of scientific and technical skills, but also consider their ability to thrive in a new environment with different social structures, climatic conditions, and lifestyles.

MOON168 would be beneficial to develop a comprehensive training program that includes psychological, cognitive and physical tests that can predict individual performance in a space environment, both during the actual mission and upon return to Earth. Moreover, it should include simulations to assess and train the human factor issues associated with offworld operations. are being developed by various national and international space agencies, as well as by private companies. They are likely to become increasingly important in the future.